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The Supreme Court has made a House Divided

Dick K. Scott
3 min readJun 24, 2022


It is time for us as a Nation to decide if we will continue as a whole. If the experiment is worth continuing. Can we survive as a multi-ethnic, pluralistic society that has a greater number of shared opinions, beliefs, and culture than not?

Sadly, I don’t believe so. Not after Trump, not after watching as this Supreme Court eviscerates the Nation and society we, our parents and grandparents worked so long and hard to forge. If the Dobbs decision teaches us anything it’s that we are a not Whole Nation, but rather far more like Europe than not. We are nothing but 50 separate countries (mostly) sharing one continent.

Clarence Thomas, in his concurring opinion, is calling to revisit, nay, overturn, all Court decisions based squarely in the 14th Amendments Due Process Clause and Right to Privacy (which is ironic coming from a Black man married to a white woman, but I’m beginning to see more and more that self-awareness isn’t a real strong suite of those on the Right). The Supreme Court, more than any other branch of government, is actively, purposefully, and blindly ripping our Nation apart, one poorly decided case after another.

If the Democratic Party and our current leadership (hello, Biden) don’t act now to rectify the dangerous and suicidal turn the Supreme Court has taken (thanks, Trump and McConnell) this Nation will not survive another 10 years. We will, at best, become a patchwork of incompatible laws and regulations held loosely together by a Federal Government that is a government in name only aside from overseeing a rather large military. EPA? No teeth. Medicare and Medicaid? Burned in the dumpster fire. National parks? Drilled, dug and trampled.

Lincoln said it, “A house divided against itself, cannot stand.” Yet, here we are, a house divided. A division that does not just affect those of a different skin color, but half the population, half the citizenry, half the electorate. A decision was made that tells women they are not nearly as human as men. Their Inalienable Rights are not inalienable, but determined by the wind, men’s opinions, religious doctrine, and the whims of those few who have cheated and stole their way into power. The fight to bring LGBTQ+ citizens under the great umbrella of Equality will see a short victory. The defeat will last generations.

This House is divided and cannot stand. It is time, once and for all, to elevate the Federal Government above the States. To ensure that Liberty and Justice for All is not just a slogan, that the words have meaning, gravity and weight, that they apply across the Nation, from sea to shining sea and beyond.

I fear, nay, I predict, that without our Democratic leaders in Washington, D.C. moving swiftly to right this egregious wrong, to once again ensure that the Rights of the People and the Will of the Majority are upheld, this Nation will fail. We will slip into entrenched Minority Rule at the Federal, State and Local levels, ensuring continued social unrest, upheaval and eventually the dissolution of These United States. The Nation will splinter, fracture, the promise of Democracy washed away under the relentless attacks of fascists, totalitarians and White Supremacy.