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Stop fetishizing the Founders, latex is a bad look on them

Stop fetishizing the Founders. They never meant for everything to stay the same in 1776, or 1789. They gave us a framework to build off, knowing full well that society changes, technology changes, societal norms and mores change. Those that declare that conservatism is all about adhering to what the Founders said and wrote without acknowledging change are just seeking an excuse and cover for their inbred, ingrained bigotry, racism, hate and misogyny.

Stop fetishizing the Founders. They are the ones who through one side of their mouths declared that “all Men are created equal”, then not only kept slavery, but out of the other side of their mouths declared that those same slaves were only worth 60% of a White man. These are the same Founders, who not only gave us and the world hope that humanity could in fact govern itself in an equitable and fair manner, failed to give the vote to the women who were not only their wives and lovers, but their sisters and mothers. The same women who stood steadfastly by their side and played a crucial role in the birth of our Nation.

Stop fetishizing the Founders. They railed against tyrants, but failed to ensure the People’s vote as a sacred right, enshrined in the Constitution with the same vigor as the Bill of Rights. Now, we are left with laws and rules designed to disenfranchise, designed to keep historical minorities without a voice, without a say, without recourse. And, this scourge is growing, imposed on the majority by a scared and bitter minority.

Stop fetishizing the Founders. They intentionally left a loose and open framework so that We the People can be our own government and determine the today and tomorrow of our lives. They intentionally left a loose and open framework knowing that time flows forward, society changes, mores evolve, culture adapts, nothing stays the same for long.

Stop fetishizing the Founders, they were wrong as often as they were right. They left major gaps that have had to be filled in, painfully and at times violently, for nearly 250 years. They purposefully kept the majority of Americans disenfranchised. While some spoke out against slavery, they ultimately kept their own. The mistakes they made we are still fighting to clean up.

Stop fetishizing the Founders, the best thing they gave us was a living, breathing, mutable Constitution so that we, their descendants, we the immigrants and children of immigrants, can move forward to create a More Perfect Union. But, only if we stop fetishizing the Founders.




Not an award-winning author of anything.

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Dick K. Scott

Dick K. Scott

Not an award-winning author of anything.

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