Still unofficial, but Biden’s our next President

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I will be thoroughly ecstatic, relieved, elated, calmer, happier and optimistic (I’m sure there will be other positive adjectives in there) once this race is officially called for Biden. Or, rather, almost-President-Elect Joe Biden.

After my happy dance (I assure you it will be totally awesome, sensual, sexy and alluring… in my mind) and a bit of down time to relax and refocus on the personal and professional, I will turn my attention back toward the issues we face in this country.

While the time to celebrate is soon; and for everyone of us who fretted about what was in front of us, but fought back in any way that we could for a better, fairer, more just, open and honest future, it’s well deserved; the time to fight for that brighter future will be upon us again.

Remember, there are still two Senate runoffs in Georgia that we need to ensure go to the Democratic candidates. While that will only give the Democrats a super slim margin of one with the Vice President’s tie-breaker vote, it will give the Democrats control of the entirety of the Federal Government. If we want a cleaner environment, a public healthcare option, modern judges, a liberal Supreme Court, the chance for real judicial reform including Supreme Court term limits, a shot at getting the ERA added to the Constitution, an opportunity for our sisters and brothers, cousins and aunts and uncles and relatives of all types in Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico to finally be able to enjoy the full rights and responsibilities that come with Statehood then we need to ensure, no matter how slim the margin, that the Democrats control the full Congress along with the White House.

The time to be happy and feel the burdens of the last four years lift is now. The time to hold the line against a despotic tinpot Banana Republic Dictator wannabe is now. And we will need to continue to fight to ensure Trump leaves, peacefully and calmly.

And, starting January 20, 2021, the time to push and fight and make sure our voices continue to be heard will come. To keep the light alive and bright one must continually feed the fire.




Not an award-winning author of anything.

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Dick K. Scott

Dick K. Scott

Not an award-winning author of anything.

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