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Impeachment is the only move here

I started writing this post only a week ago, and boy does that seem like ages. In fact, I started this on January 4th arguing against impeachment. How quickly things change in such little time in these Trump years.

With the insurrection of January 6th there can be no doubt that Trump and his allies (on the airwaves, in business and in government) pose not just an existential threat to our nation, but a very real threat to our Republic and our very lives. During the rally on the day the Electoral Votes were counted, Trump and his allies, including his children, egged the crowd on to commit the horrors, atrocities and attack on our government witnessed not only here at home, but across the world by friend and foe alike. This can not go unpunished. Censure will not do. Using Section 3 of the 14th Amendment to bar Trump from ever holding office again will not do (though, it would be fitting and just for his many allies). Nothing short of impeachment and conviction by the Congress of The United States of America will fit his crimes.

It comes down to this: even with so few days left in Trump’s term a clear message must be sent by Congress (and therefore the Nation), that no matter how bitter the feuds, no matter how divisive the election, no matter how far apart on policy and social issues we stand, insurrection will not be tolerated. Hate and bigotry will not be tolerated. Attempts to overthrow the government will not be tolerated.

None of this, no attacks on our various governments, no attacks on each other, will be tolerated in the name of “unity” or freedom of speech. We will not coddle the barbarians because they feel unheard. We will not appease their ever growing, ever more unhinged demands.

There is speech and then there is hate, and the First Amendment does not protect violent expressions of hate. It does not protect incitement to violence. It does not protect insurrection, sedition or treason. This our MAGA friends must learn through lawful punishment that fits these crimes.

Trump and his allies set out to unleash a rabid crowd of supporters upon our duly, lawfully and fairly elected Congressional representatives. Therefore, Trump and his allies unleashed a frothing horde of bigotry and bile upon our very persons. We must stand firm and say “No more. No more of this cry baby, woe is me bullshit from those who benefit most from our nation’s injustices. No more hate. No more lies. No more conspiracies. No more Nazism. No more fascism. No more bigotry.” For Congress to do any less at this juncture will mean ruin for the Nation as The Land of the Free. Any less and our Nation falls.




Not an award-winning author of anything.

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Dick K. Scott

Dick K. Scott

Not an award-winning author of anything.

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