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Hate motivated crimes and murder should be treated as terrorist attacks

It’s said that prostitution is the oldest profession. I believe that’s wrong, it’s hate. And, if hate really isn’t the oldest profession, it’s a damn close second.

Hate is a full-time, 24 hour, 7 day a week career. Some people seem to delight in this work. Others, well, they find it disgusting and find ways to get out. Not this guy who just shot and murdered eight people, six of Asian descent, six of them women. No, I won’t name him, does it really matter? Here’s yet another young, white male who’s gone off and slaughtered numerous people. Out of hate. Or fear. Whatever the motivation it certainly was underscored by misogyny. Again. (EDIT: As I’m writing this CNN is reporting that this terrorist may have intended more shootings in Florida and that this “may not have been racially motivated, but instead could relate to the suspect’s claim of a potential sex addiction…” Article can be found here: Whatever the shooter’s stated motivation, if it walks like a duck, quack likes a duck and looks like a duck…)

You don’t hear about young black men storming posh country clubs full of bloated old white men and women, shooting the place up, do you? You don’t hear of young American Jews burning down churches, or mosques, do you? And, please remind me of the last time we ever heard of a woman, any woman of any ethnicity, race or religion, mowing down young men who are doing nothing aside from minding their own business and working hard to earn a living.

It seems that it’s always a white male, most often young, but not always, whose instinct is to take up guns and explosives to vent their rage, frustration and impotence against the world, and too often, women specifically. Women seem to make up the majority of victims in these white male terrorist attacks. What else should we call them? Shootings? No. Doesn’t encompass the full picture, the full spectrum of derangement. Do we call these attacks shooting sprees? Nope. Again, doesn’t really get the full underlying motivations down. These shootings, these attacks against minorities and specifically women and women of color are meant to accomplish two things; kill women because the man pulling the trigger hates women or blames women for his own internal failings, and inspire fear and terror in the survivors and society in general.

I know a lot of words have been shed on this subject of uncontrolled male aggression and easy access to guns. And, I don’t want to add to the garbage heap of well-meaning but ultimately hollow, breathless and shocked pleas. Obviously, they’ve gone nowhere. Obviously, we must do more, we must do better, and we must push harder on those who wield the power we give them.

It is time we categorize crimes of hate and misogyny for what they are, terrorist attacks. It is time we start treating White perpetrators, White mass killers, White thugs who commit crimes born of hate as the terrorists they are. These bloodthirsty beasts aren’t young men who’ve gone astray, or just had a bad day. These are beings who’ve lost their humanity and in their blood rage and thirst rain down terror upon the heads of civilized, peaceful society. Time to throw them into a deep dark hole with the rest of their kind.

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