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Even without enough vaccine we can fight back

Three. Thousand. We have reached 3,000 deaths a day. That’s 90,000 deaths every month. Sure, we have The Bomb (and if all goes well we’ll have another from Moderna soon), but it’s just starting to be rolled out. And, thanks to the Trump Administration’s ineptitude we won’t have enough vaccine until July the earliest. As it stands we have just enough vaccine for 50 million people between now and Summer (assuming we can keep spoilage to a bare minimum). Just 15% of the US population who will have been inoculated against Covid between now and then, when we will hopefully have enough for the rest of our fellow Americans.

The War is ongoing, the fighting is still raging across every town, city, county and State. The virus is still laying waste to our grandparents, sisters, brothers, wives and husbands. Our children are being beaten and battered before our very eyes, and the anti-maskers go marching on, as though Death isn’t waiting for them and their loved ones around every corner.

The War is raging on, and every man, woman and child is an open, unprotected front. But, we have the power, even without a vaccine, to slow the slaughter. To stop the suffering of untold millions before it even begins. We just have to be smart. We just have to act as a collective of people, a Society of Humans, not islands of selfish and self-righteous lunatics who equate Freedom with an utter lack of self care or concern for anyone else around them. We must stop acting as though individual responsibility somehow means we have no social responsibility. That society at large is not our problem. That others exist in their own bubble, having nothing to do with each other. That those who work in stores and restaurants and grocers, those who drive taxis and Ubers and Lyfts, those who cut and dye our hair, do our nails, and treat us for our ailments are nothing but servants meant to bend and twist to serve our every whim and desire.

We must stop being a nation of selfish bastards hiding behind the mythological and fake Stars and Stripes of Freedom and Individual Liberty, for none of that matters when so many are dead and dying, starving and homeless, when we’ve turned a blind eye to the Reaper rampaging amongst us because It is not a brown man who prays to a different God.

No, the War is not over. The casualties continue to pile up like forgotten magazines in the forsaken basement, and we keep on keeping on like nothing’s wrong. But, let’s never forget 9/11, even though today was yet another 9/11, and tomorrow will be as well. Let’s not forget Saturday and Sunday that together saw two 9/11s. Every day of the week is yet another September 11th, another day of airplanes slamming into buildings, killing innocent men, women and children as we look on in hopeless agony and stupid disbelief. No, let’s not forget 9/11, unless we’re asked to wear a mask.



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